Housing Correction Deepens With Dwelling Values Falling Across Most Capital Cities

Tim Lawless 3 Sep 2018 DOWNLOAD A COPY OF THE REPORT Grab a copy of the latest CoreLogic Hedonic Home Value Index Results. Download Report National dwelling values were down for the eleventh consecutive month suggesting spring selling conditions may deliver a challenge amidst rising advertised stock levels, tight credit and indications that mortgage rates are tracking higher. Australia’s housing market correction continued through August with the CoreLogic National Home Value Index tracking 0.3% lower over the month. Since peaking in September last year, dwelling values have been consistently tracking lower, down a cumulative 2.2% through to the end of August. CoreLogic head of research Tim Lawless said, “Weaker housing market conditions can be tied back to a variety of factors, foremost of which is the tighter credit environment which has slowed market activity, especially amongst investors. Fewer active buyers has led to higher inventory levels and reduced competition in the market. Collectively, these factors have been compounded by affordability challenges, reduced foreign investment and a rise in housing supply.” Five of the eight capital cities recorded a fall in dwelling values over the month, highlighting the weak housing market conditions are broad-based.  The only cities where dwelling values edged higher in August were Adelaide (0.3%), Darwin (0.1%) and Canberra (0.5%). Focusing on the three month trend shows Melbourne is now Australia’s weakest capital city housing market, with dwelling values falling 2.0% over the three months ending August; the weakest rolling quarterly result since the three months ending January 2012.  Perth isn’t far behind, with values […]

How Many Units Are Set To Be Built Over The Next 2 Years?

Cameron Kusher 29 Aug 2018 CoreLogic’s Settlement Risk data looks at the potential number of new units set to be completed over the coming years and this week’s Pulse takes a look at how the numbers look. CoreLogic’s Settlement Risk data estimates the number of new units expected to be completed over the next 12 and 24 months. The data is collected direct from the industry and is based on estimated project completion dates. Of course some of these projects may be delayed, deferred or cancelled entirely, however the report provides an indication of likely new apartment supply. Over the next 12 months, it is expected that an additional 94,471 new units will be completed nationally which represents a 3.5% uplift in total unit supply. Over the next 24 months, the unit supply uplift is expected to be much greater at 251,751 units which is an increase of 9.3% on current supply. Across the Greater Capital City Statistical Areas (GCCSA), Sydney (76,977) and Melbourne (78,689) are expected to see the greatest increase in unit supply over the next two years.  While the number of unit new units expected to be settled is much lower in Brisbane and Adelaide, these two cities are expected to see the greatest percentage increase in new unit supply over the next two years, with CoreLogic data suggesting an uplift of 18.4% and 12.5% respectively. The table above shows the top 25 SA3 regions that are expected to record the greatest number of new unit settlements over the next two […]

Sydney Olympic Park 2 Bedroom With Views

1 2 3 4 5 Enquiry or Offer Great 180 Degree View of 2 Bedroom Apartment One of the Australian towers and the best location. Convenient location and short distance to prominent dining precincts, key infrastructure and transport interchange. This property is located on level 7, with city views. The total living area is amazing for 93 sqm with two large balconies. Offering the ultimate in luxurious urban living this well presented modern residence is a ready made investment heaven. Current under a lease to be ended Feb 2018. Flexible for investment and owner occupier. Owner must sell. – Located on Level 7 – Total living area: 93 sqm – One Car Space Strata approx $1205 p/q. Council approx $245 p/q, Water approx $172p/q. Please call Hunter Cheng on 0430 731 258 for any further questions. Enquiry or Offer


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Real Dwelling Value Changes

Cameron Kusher 6 Aug 2018 With dwelling values now declining across the nation, in this week’s Property Pulse we take a look at inflation-adjusted (or real) dwelling value changes to the June 2018 quarter. When analysing housing markets the focus is typically on nominal changes in values.  While it makes sense to analyse a market in nominal terms, it’s worthwhile measuring the change in dwelling values relative to the rise in the overall cost of consumer. Over the 12 months to June 2018, nominal dwelling values fell by -0.8% while in real terms, considering inflation was up 2.1% over the year, dwelling values have declined by a much greater -2.9%.  Nominal values fell over the past year in Sydney, Perth and Darwin however, in real terms values fell across all capital cities over the past year outside of Hobart and Canberra. Perth is the only capital city in which nominal dwelling values have fallen over the past decade, down -4.6%.  When the change in values across capital city markets over the past decade is adjusted for inflation, the results look very different to the nominal figures.  Real dwelling values have fallen over the past decade in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin, have barely changed in Canberra and have increased by less than 12% Hobart.  At the same time, there has been a significant increase in real dwelling values in Sydney and Melbourne.  This highlights the deterioration in housing affordability in Sydney and Melbourne and the relatively weak housing conditions elsewhere […]

What Have Periods of Decline Looked Like Over Recent Years and How Long Have Markets Taken to Recover?

Cameron Kusher According to the CoreLogic Home Value Index, national dwelling values were -1.1% lower than their peak in May 2018. The declines were primarily driven by recent weakness in the Sydney and Melbourne housing markets however, a number of other cities also have values which remain below their peak. This week’s blog presents the recent periods in which dwelling values have fallen across each capital city and how long values have taken following these falls for values to eclipse their previous peak. Peak to Trough Declines Sydney There has been a number of periods of decline in Sydney over the past 38 years with the greatest fall recorded between 1988-91 when values fell by -11.6% in 28 months. Following that period of decline it took 65 months (until 1994) for values to eclipse their previous peak. Other downturns have typically resulted in more moderate falls in values and a much quicker recovery to the previous peak. Period of Time Below Previous Peak Sydney Over recent years, Melbourne has seen six periods of sustained downturn in dwelling values, the largest of which was between 2008 and 2009 in which values fell by -9.4% in 12 months. The longest downturn was between 1989 and 1992 in which values fell -8.3% over three years. This downturn was also the one which resulted in the longest period for values returning to their previous peak with values remaining below their peak for 91 months between 1989 and 1997. Peak to Trough Declines Melbourne Period […]

土地投资公募基金 —- 西南近机场 8号土地投资,开始接受EOI

导言 7号地被市场热捧,超出了所有人预期,最后超额认购122万澳元(超额认购21%),超额认购的投资者很多为没有能够及时买到7号地感到惋惜,不过不要紧,Perpetual作为托管人的公募基金:悉尼土地储备/土地银行KSI已经及时推出8号地,现已接受排队,这部分超额认购的122万澳元,自动排在了8号地认购的最前面,确保可以买到8号地了。现在已经到账排队8号地的投资款,已经确定约150万澳元,8号地首批投资者约需要350万澳元,仅剩200万澳元份额,所以,8号地份额开始吃紧。  1 , 8号地位置:位于 悉尼西南经济开发优先发展区内(深蓝色区域内)  2 , 回报率:参照6/7号地回报率情况(6/7号地7到10年回报预计7.4倍)    3  首批投资者筹款总额:约350万澳元    4  现已经完成筹款金额:约150万澳元,剩余200万澳元左右额度    5  筹款截止时间:2018年9月   6  最低投资额:澳洲本地2500澳元起,海外(包括中国大陆)20万澳元起。   7其他重要信息: 从8号地开始,我们采用50%左右的一年短期过桥贷款来进行收购土地,澳洲一西人金融机构,已经授信1亿澳元的额度给我们,所以,我们首期筹款只需要达到50%,就可以买入土地,然后在未来的1年内,再将短期过桥贷款的部分进行替代(二批投资者替代短期贷款)    8  投资者常见问题: 1,什么是短期过桥贷款?贷款利息是多少? 回答:短期过桥贷款是指我们通过首批投资者筹满约50%首期资金时候,把土地抵押给澳洲金融机构,金融机构给我们短期贷款50%,将土地买下,然后我们在一年内,再通过二批投资者筹集剩余的50%,然后替换50%的短期借款,达到最终100%无贷款拥有土地,这个过程类似过桥,所以也称过桥贷款。短期过桥贷款利息约10%。 2,通过短期过桥贷款是否会加大我们投资土地的购买成本? 回答:不会。反而可能会减少我们土地的买入成本。原因如下:在和农场主进行土地议价的时候,在目前情况下,我们采用的是直接现金购买方式,而之前农场主基本上是2-3年的long settlement,这样,等于我们有2年的利息空间给农场主议价,2年的利息约10%,所以,基本上我们可以压价9折左右,等于节省了10%,这个10%和我们支付的利息相抵,同时,按照我们目前的筹款速度,一般来,6个月就应该可以把二批投资者筹款到位,这样的话,我们其实就是节省了6个月的利息约5%,这样反而我们就等于节省了买地成本5%。 3,通过短期过桥贷款是否会加大我们投资土地的投资风险? 回答:不会,因为我们只是短期过桥贷款,期限最多一年,按照目前的筹款速度,半年基本可以完成这个过桥短期贷款和二批投资者的替代过程。所以,最终在一年左右,我们土地持有就会回到100%全款拥有土地的情况,没有任何贷款,所以风险极小。同时,我们贷款比例才50%LVR,而且贷款协议有18个-24个月法定期限(可以提前终止),抵押物又是土地,所以风险很低。 4,首批投资者和二批投资者的区别是什么? 回答:首批投资者就是50%首期土地款的筹款投资者,二批投资者就是短期过桥贷款替代的投资者部分,两者的区别就是二批投资者买入成本会高一些,因为要支付相应的利息部分。   8号地详情包括详细地址和回报率资料,将于8月份公布,敬请各位投资者尽快开户和转账排队,因为如果你要等到资料出来才来开户和排队,也许首批投资者就会满了,现在转账排队,不等于已经买入8号地,只是排队而已,在签订8号地土地认购书前,可以随时提现转走投资款项。        


Caitlin Fono 18 Jun 2018 首府城市拍卖统计(初步) 本周拍卖量大幅增加,共有1,991套房屋在首府城市中拍卖,上周的拍卖数量由于女王生日长周末,只有904套房屋参加拍卖。本周初步清空率为56.9%,上周后最终清空率下调至53.8%,为2012年以来首府城市拍卖清空率最低水平。   不同物业类型的拍卖结果 墨尔本是本周拍卖最繁忙的城市,有988套房屋参加拍卖,初步清空率为58.7%,而上周的275套拍卖中,有54.9%成功。去年同一周,墨尔本共举办了1,129场拍卖会,清空率为71.0%。   本周在悉尼举行的701场拍卖中,初步拍卖清空率为55.8%。相比之下,上周仅举行了415场拍卖会,最终清空率为56.0%,而去年的这时候,927场拍卖会中有68%拍卖成功。   首府城市的州清空率 在较小的拍卖市场上,布里斯班是最繁忙的城市,有116户住宅参加拍卖,初步清空率为44.8%。阿德莱德的初步清空率最高,44次报告的拍卖中有72.7%成功拍卖。   分区域拍卖结果

Transport Infrastructure: How Does The Federal Budget Stack Up?

Eliza Owen 11 May 2018 Treasurer Scott Morrison’s budget speech for 2018/19 featured a reflection on the physical transport assets being delivered by government. In addition, the major new transport infrastructure initiatives announced were a $1 billion Urban Congestion Package, and a $3.5 billion freight road upgrade package. These works will be key to capitalising on the rise of goods distribution anticipated through increased use of online shopping, the rebound in exports driven by economic growth in south-east Asia and low Australian dollar relative to the USD, and the rise of agriculture. However, the budget papers indicate a decline in spending in infrastructure on the 2017-18 financial year. In his speech, Morrison cited 14 major infrastructure projects encompassed in the rolling 10 year $75 billion infrastructure investment strategy. The list of projects is not necessarily reflective of new works to commence in the 2018/19 financial year. Of the major infrastructure projects cited in the budget, at least 8 had been announced by the time the previous budget was handed down, suggesting much of these were re-announcements. The Bridgewater Bridge for example, a $750 million bridge to span across the Derwent River in Tasmania, was first reported by Cordell in 2011. In total, the budget papers estimate $5.3 billion in road expenditure, and $1.2 billion on rail. These areas of funding are expected to slow by 31% and 48.9% respectively, in real terms, by 2021-22. Infrastructure spending estimates and projections over the next four years are shown in Figure 1. “Innovative […]

Sydney Gregory Hills -【Dreamscape】Land House Package

1 2 3 4   Overview Live the life of your dreams Nestled within the booming suburb of Gregory Hills, just 50km south of the Sydney CBD, Dreamscape offers a new neighbourhood of architecturally designed homes, green open spaces and friendly community living. Dreamscape is perfectly placed with shopping, schools, parks and everything you need at your door, balancing quiet village life with easy access to the city. Project Information Designed and delivered by Tribeca, a leading residential land development and home building business reimagining communities around Australia’s major cities and growth corridors since 2007, Dreamscape is part of a larger staged release by Tribeca in the area. This thriving area has already seen hundreds of purchasers take advantage of a unique and dynamic location, ensuring that Dreamscape will be a vibrant new addition to a flourishing community for generations to come. *     Developer: Tribeca Homes *     Project Name:Dreamscape *     Location:Gregory Hills Sydney *     Type:Land House Package *     Address:Cain Avenue, Gregory Hills  NSW 2557 *     Price from:$675,980 *     Land Size:303 – 375 sqm *     House Size:162 – 204 sqm *     Land Preregistration: February 2018 *     Construction Period:10 Months *     Deposit: $1,000(refundable) *     Contract exchange: Land 10%,Construction 5% *     Panel solicitors paid by developer *     Fix Price: fence, landscaping, tiles, blinds and fly screen Surroundings and Location Everything you need on your doorstep. Dreamscape combines the air of the country […]