Parramatta Undergoing $10 Billion Dollars Worth Of Developments

Meredith Baume 16 Mar 2018 Stockland Corporation and McDonalds Restaurants are partnering together to develop a mixed-use building at 355-375 Church Street. It will include 350 residential apartments, 1,565 sqm of retail space and a new two-storey McDonalds restaurant. Presuming it gains rezoning and Council approval the building will add to the almost $10 billion dollars worth of development in Parramatta. McDonalds purchased the site for a total of $4.535 million in three parcels between 1978 and 2008 and they will retain the ownership of the restaurant stratum lot. Elsewhere in Parramatta, GPT has been given the go ahead for their development at 32 Smith Street. At an estimated cost of $115 million GPT plan to build a 28-storey office building with retail space and a cultural centre on ground floor, a sky deck to take advantage of the district views and car parking on the podium level. According to the Property Council the vacancy rate for Parramatta sits at a very low 3% with the rate for A-grade accommodation at zero. The GPT Group purchased the property for $31.15 million in December 2016. Another office tower in the pipeline is at the Roxy Theatre site at 69 George Street. Owner, David Kingston, has submitted plans for the restoration of the Roxy Theatre and the construction of a 27-storey office tower above with the theatre, a ballroom, function centre and restaurants below. According to Parramatta Cityscope, the Roxy was built in 1930 in Spanish mission art-deco style. It was refurbished […]


(Sydney, Australia) Monday March 19, 2018 – Crown Group releases to the public the long-awaited first image of its new Eastlakes town centre development; Eastlakes Live.   The image released today depicts the modern retail and restaurant area in the first stage of the $1-billion redevelopment. Set to regenerate the neighbourhood and create a vibrant new urban hub, Eastlakes Live will comprise modern residential apartments and a new restaurant and retail precinct; offering residents and neighbours a diverse range of spaces and experiences for interaction or escape.   Stage one of the development will include 134 apartments luxury apartments ranging from one-bedroom apartments to penthouses and 12 retail outlets. Stage two of Eastlakes Live will include a mix of residential and retail components, with details still to come, completing the modern new town centre.   The development site adjoins Eastlakes Reserve and is located 8 kilometres from Sydney’s CBD and 3 kilometres from the University of South Wales, Sydney Airport and Green Square.   Designed by Sydney-based design firm fjmt, Eastlakes Live will be a modern town centre which aims to set a new standard for retail excellence with two major supermarkets fresh food offerings reflecting the diversity of the neighborhood, a restaurant promenade, street cafes, a medical centre, as well as densely landscaped gardens and children’s play areas.   Apartments are designed to maximise stunning views over the Eastlakes Golf Course and Sydney CBD.   “We are pleased to be able to showcase the first stage of Eastlakes Live […]

Regional Markets Are Experiencing Superior Total Returns To Those In The Capital Cities

Regional Markets Are Experiencing Superior Total Returns To Those In The Capital Cities Cameron Kusher 12 Mar 2018 The CoreLogic total returns index measures the change in values and the rental return to determine the total gross returns from residential property.  The total returns index is valuable for investors as it shows the expectation of returns much like the ASX 200 Accumulation Index provides insights into the total returns (ie change in the overall stock value plus dividend value) for equities investors. The CoreLogic total returns index is available from the middle of 2005, looking at the change in the index over the 12 years to February 2018, the returns from capital city properties has been substantially higher (196.2%) than the returns across the combined regional markets (136.0%).  It should be noted that over that period, value growth was substantially higher across the capital cities than it was for regional markets with values increasing by 83.7% and 29.0% respectively.  At the same time, gross rental yields have been substantially higher across the regional areas than they have been in the capital cities. While over the long-term the total returns have been much greater in the capital city markets than regional areas, the story has changed substantially over recent times.  With already higher rental returns in regional markets, the regional markets are now also experiencing higher rates of value growth than those in the capital cities. Over the three months to February 2018, the total returns from residential property nationally were […]

Auction Markets Soften Over The Past Week

Caitlin Fono 5 Mar 2018 There were 2,980 homes taken to auction across the combined capital cities this week, returning a preliminary auction clearance rate of 65.9 per cent, while last week, 3,313 auctions were held and the final clearance rate came in at 66.8 per cent. Over the same week last year, auction volumes were slightly lower with 2,907 homes going under the hammer across the combined capital cities, although the clearance rate was a stronger 74.6 per cent. If we look at results by property type, units outperformed the house market this week with 67.6 per cent of units selling at auction, while 65.1 per cent of houses sold across the combined capital cities. In Melbourne, Australia’s largest auction market, a preliminary auction clearance rate of 67.3 per cent was recorded across 1,523 auctions this week, down from 70.6 per cent across 1,606 auctions last week. One year ago, the clearance rate was a stronger 78.4 per cent across 1,459 auctions. There were 1,044 auctions held in Sydney this week returning a preliminary auction clearance rate of 66.9 per cent, compared to 65.1 per cent across 1,259 last week, and 76.0 per cent across 950 auctions one year ago. Across the smaller auction markets, preliminary results show that Canberra was the best performing in terms of clearance rate with a 70.8 per cent success rate. Please follow and like us:

Auction Volumes Surge Past 3,000 For The First Time This Year

Jade Harling 26 Feb 2018 Auction volumes surge past 3,000 for the first time this year returning a strong preliminary auction clearance rate of 70.5 per cent. Auction volumes returned to higher levels this week across the combined capital cities with a total of 3,275 homes taken to auction; the higher volumes returned a strong preliminary auction clearance rate of 70.5 per cent. Last week 1,992 auctions were held across the capitals with 66.1 per cent clearing, while over the same week one year ago a 78.4 per cent clearance rate was recorded across a higher volume of auctions (3,301). Results segregated into property type showed that units outperformed the house market this week, with 72.9 per cent of units selling at auction, while 69.5 per cent of houses sold across the combined capitals. Melbourne returned a preliminary auction clearance rate of 71.7 per cent this week, which was higher than final figures from last week which saw 69.8 per cent of auctions clearing. Melbourne’s higher preliminary clearance rate was across a significantly higher volume of auctions week-on-week, with 1,610 held, up from last week’s 932 auctions.   In Sydney, 1,221 homes were taken to auction this week, returning an equal highest preliminary result to Melbourne’s 71.7 per cent, increasing on last week’s final clearance rate of 67.8 per cent across a lower volume of auctions (737). Across the smaller auctions markets, Adelaide was the best performing in terms of clearance rate with 75.9 per cent of the 107 auctions […]

(中文) 悉尼Schofields 【Hill Park】步行火车站的独立别墅

1 2 3 区域概览 Schofields隶属于悉尼西北重点发展区,位于各大商业综合体的中心位置,随着政府一百多亿的基建工程的资金投入,土地价格的持续攀升,这里不断吸引着高收入置业者和投资者的关注。 项目概况 Hill Park步行600米到Schofields火车站及Woolworth购物中心,紧邻公园绿地,距离政府规划新建的Schofields大型市政中心仅300米步行距离,是Schofields拥有最佳地段的非常稀有的独立别墅项目。 项目名称:Hill Park 所在区域:Schofields 房产类型:独立别墅House and Land Package 项目地址:19-23 Argowan Rd, Schofields 土地面积:304-500.2平方米 价格范围:From $751,000 土地注册时间:预计2018年9月 建筑周期:十个月左右 项目预定金:$2000 配套设施 公共交通 项目600米至Schofields火车站,步行只需要6分钟,真正的拥有火车站的生活方式! 3km到Cudgegong Rd火车站,驱车5分钟即可,还有1000个停车位,这是政府投资83亿澳币的高速火车线,2019年开通,高峰期每4分钟一趟火车到市中心,真正实现不需要时间表的火车线。 购物中心 600米至Woolworth购物中心及Cafe 驱车五分钟向东可以到Rouse Hill购物中心,向西可以到Sydney Business Park购物中心(Costco、IKEA、Aldi等)。 当然,更值得一提的是,距离Hill Park300米就可以到达政府正在规划新建的Schofields Town Centre,其中包含大规模的购物中心和社区服务中心。 就业综合体 骑车10到15分钟范围内,可以到达悉尼西北部最大的四个就业综合体(就业总人口超过60000人,拥有最大量的世界五百强企业),分别是: Sydney Business Park、Norwest Business Park、Riverstone Business Park、Box Hill Business Park and Industrial Precinct 居住人群 Schofields社区中32%是年龄在25-40岁之间的年轻家庭,家庭年均收入达到$95,115,远远高过悉尼的平均收入,2/3人口从事管理和专业工作。 教育设施 Hill Park周边1-1.5公里有三所学校,Schofield Public School、St Joseph’s Primary School、St John Paul II Catholic College。 而且2公里处,还有Nirimba教育综合体,包含Western Sydney University、TAFE、Wyndham College等多个大型校区。 土地布局 Hill Park共有二十块土地,形状方正平整,高位地平,紧邻政府公园设施。 项目编辑:Jason Yang Please follow and like us:

Auction Clearance Rates Holding Higher Than Late 2017

Kevin Brogan 19 Feb 2018 As auction volumes return to more normal levels after the festive period slowdown, auction clearance rates are holding higher than late 2017. A preliminary auction clearance rate of 69.1 per cent was recorded across the combined capital cities as auction activity ramped up this week, with a total of 1,963 homes taken to auction, increasing from the 1,490 auctions held last week when (based on final results) 63.7 per cent cleared. While auction activity has increased over the last couple of weeks coming out of the slowdown, volumes are increasing at a slower pace than what was seen over the equivalent period last year (2,291). Sydney’s preliminary clearance rate was recorded at 74.3 per cent across 718 scheduled auctions; well above the trend over the final quarter of 2017 where auction clearance rates were tracking in the low 50 per cent range.  A preliminary auction clearance rate of 70.7 per cent was recorded across Melbourne, which is unchanged from last week’s final clearance rate, however volumes increased this week with 923 auctions held up from 619 last week. This will be the first week in some time where Sydney has outperformed Melbourne, however as final results are collect it will be interesting to see how this revises. The performance across the smaller auction markets was varied this week, with Adelaide recording a preliminary auction clearance rate of 67.3 per cent, while only 12.5 per cent of auctions were successful in Tasmania. Looking at results by broad […]

(中文) 悉尼北区 Thornleigh -【Zantia】学区精品公寓

1 2 总体描述 • Thornleigh 位于高位,鸟瞰 city 和 Chatswood 的美景; 自然环境特别幽美,区域绿树环绕,静谧怡人,步行即可到达国家森林公园 • 绿树成荫,空气清新的环境让生活在这里的居民可以充分享受到独天得厚的天然氧吧 • 周围交通便利,学校林立,加上华丽的公寓设计组合,宽敞的布局,优雅别致的公共区域和一流的度假设施,让您尽享现代生活的便利与悠闲,这些都让 IRIS 成为您的理想家园和上佳投资的首选。 项目概况 发掘最适宜居住的城市生活,天台可将远方的悉尼城市天际线和脚下的动人水景尽揽于怀,拥有丰富的园林绿化,一个新的风格和便利的生活近在咫尺,无限享受与家人朋友的美好时光。 精品设计仅57 套公寓 一房公寓 $528000起: 超过30%户型可申请首置补贴 以及全部一房户型可申请印花税减免 两房公寓 $759000起: 超过60%户型可申请部分印花税减免 三房公寓 $1230000起 完工日期:2019年底 位于悉尼北部海岸,拥有其特殊价值 距离Thornleigh火车站仅75米 位于悉尼精英公立和私立学校的核心区域 通过M2高速可轻松前往悉尼CBD,麦考瑞大学,麦考瑞商场等 Arden-实力开发商匠心巨作 周边环境 为什么上北区名校林立? ★新州中小学排名中,上北岸的学校一直排名靠前。 ★横跨悉尼港的大桥把整个悉尼城分成南、北两个部分。新州的精英中学一共有: 17所 Fully Selective School——所有班都是重点,如Hornsby Girls High, Sydney Boys High, North Sydney Girls High等。 9所 Partially Selective High School——部分班是重点,如Chatswood High等。 4所 Agricultural High School——农业中学,如大名鼎鼎的James Ruse Agricultural School。 ★北区地理位置上佳、气候较之南区也更湿润、树木长的更绿更茂盛,深受人们喜爱。 大量华人抢购悉尼北区的学区房的主要是为了小学名校,小学生需要家长接送,居住在好学区内,上学省时省力,而且好学区的家庭都比较重视教育,整个社区人文自然环境也比较好。 数据 根据Realestate.com的过往12个月数据显示,以下区域三房独立屋的中位价以及年增长率为: Thornleigh的中位价是125万澳元,年增长率是12.8%; Beecroft的中位价是181万澳元,增长率为 13.7%; Pennant Hills的中位价是156万澳元,增长率为 14.9%; 这些区域的共同特点就是,它们附近都有排名靠前的公立学校。随着私立学校学费不断飙升,在好的公立学校校区内买房的父母将省下一大笔送孩子读私校的费用。 由澳洲知名开发商ARDEN倾力打造的最新精品楼盘ZANTIA,位于悉尼上北区Thornleigh的核心位置,大部分户型满足本地首次置业要求!同时,Thornleigh优越的地理位置成功解决了新手家长们最头痛的一件事:教育问题! 交通状况 步行 1分钟 Thornleigh火车站 餐厅:Curl the whisker cafe, Cristina’s pizzeria, Dinoni cafe Aldi商场 华人餐厅:Lee Central Park, Chiu Chou Garden, Chinese Restaurant 马来西亚餐厅: Istana Restaurant 社区医院:Thornleigh Medical centre 健身房:24/7 Plus Fitness 2分钟 McDonald Bunnings 药店:Thornleigh Pharmacy 车程 3分钟 悉尼排名前三私立医院:Sydney Adventist Hospital 新州中学排名11公立男校:Normanhurst Boys High school 高尔夫球俱乐部:Thornleigh Golf Centre 社区运动会馆:Thornleigh Brickpit Sports Stadium 5分钟 商场:Beecroft Place 新州排名96公立小学:Thornleigh West Primary School 并列排名96公立小学:Pennant Hills Public School 公园:Pennant Hills Park 网球俱乐部:Eastwood-Thornleigh District Tennis Association 15分钟 Honsby Westfield 政府投资500万澳元商业区:Epping Town Centre 新州排名31名私立女校:Pymble Ladies College 华人区:Eastwood 华人区:Chatswood 悉尼排名前三私立医院:Mater Hospital 25分钟 悉尼CBD 远眺悉尼壮丽的CBD,近享繁华都市里难得的宁静。在顶层花园,你可以和朋友家人热闹聚会,也可以享受一个人的逍遥自在。 ZANTIA内部采用中央空调系统,厨房采用外排式抽油烟系统,再也不用担心冬冷夏热了,再也不用担心做饭味道大了。 Please follow and like us:

(中文) 悉尼 Crows Nest -【The Albany】全新奢华公寓项目

1 2 项目描述 Crows Nest | The Albany 位置: 61 Atchison Street, Crows Nest NSW 2065 Crows Nest全新奢华公寓项目《The Albany》。项目位于Crows Nest的核心区域,该项目的地面将会有全新升级版新型商场Coles,幼儿园,商铺等等。被Council列为Willoughby road上的重点开发项目!The Albany总共有67套精选公寓,分别有1、2、3房的户型选择。并且还有部分户型带有Study Room。同时户型里还有包括一个叫Winter Garden的起居空间,让住户能在家里享受外界的自然美。 1房:$79万起 1房+书房(可当2房1卫):$130万起 2房:$138万起 2房+Study:$220万起 3房:$240万起 项目地址 Address: 61 Atchison Street City: Crows Nest State: NSW Zip/Postal Code: 2065 Please follow and like us:

Auction Markets Warming Up After The January Slowdown

Auction Markets Warming Up After The January Slowdown Caitlin Fono 12 Feb 2018 This week across the combined capital cities, auction volumes continued to increase with 1,464 homes taken to auction returning a preliminary clearance rate of 67.7 per cent, increasing from 62.0 per cent across 790 auctions last week, although this is likely to revise down over the week. Over the same week last year 1,591 auctions were held, while the clearance rate was a stronger 73.2 per cent. Adelaide and Perth were the only cities to see clearance rates fall over the week, while volumes increased everywhere except Adelaide. The strongest preliminary clearance rate was recorded in Melbourne (72.5 per cent), followed by Adelaide (68.9 per cent). Across Melbourne, preliminary results show that 72.5 per cent of the 520 reported auctions sold this week. There were 621 properties taken to auction across the city, up from 292 last week when the final clearance rate was recorded at 70.2 per cent. Over the same week last year, 556 auctions were held and a clearance rate of 75.9 per cent was recorded. The West region of Melbourne had the highest number of auctions this week (128), with a preliminary clearance rate of 72.6 per cent. However, the strongest rate of clearance was recorded across the Mornington Peninsula, where 85.0 per cent of the 20 reported auctions were successful. 7 of the 9 sub-regions recorded clearance rates above 70 per cent. Sydney was host to 517 auctions this week and a preliminary clearance […]

New South Wales Dominated Volumes In 2017, But Victoria Leads In Average Prices

Eliza Owen 15 Jan 2018 As of mid-December 2017, CoreLogic collected 18,281 commercial sales over 2017. While this is significantly lower than the 25,000 collected in the previous year, we expect an upward revision of sales volumes over the next 3 months. The highest number of commercial sales occurred in New South Wales, with 6,051 commercial properties reported as sold to CoreLogic throughout the year. Sales volumes by state are presented in Graph 1. Of the sales in New South Wales, approximately 5% were captured in the Sydney CBD. It is worth noting that the three highest postcodes in terms of sales volumes were capital city areas. These were the Sydney CBD (293 sales), the Melbourne CBD (283 sales) and the Adelaide CBD (179 sales). However, CBD postcode sales made up just 5.4% of all commercial sales records collected across Australia. The combined value of commercial sales collected across Australia was $61.1 billion, according to CoreLogic records. Combined commercial sales values by state are presented in Graph 2. New South Wales also had the highest combined sales value of disclosed commercial properties. The data suggests that, despite having a lower number of commercial sales, the average price commercial property sale price in New South Wales ($3.7 million) was similar to that of Victoria ($3.6 million). Victoria’s commercial sale price average is highly skewed by the $680 million sale of the highpoint shopping centre in Maribyrnong. This was also the highest, disclosed commercial sale across the country for 2017. When using […]

Leading property group Shares 2018 INVESTMENT INSIGHTS for SYDNEY

(Sydney, Australia) Tuesday January 16, 2018 – Crown Group, the award-winning developer of distinctive residential and commercial properties across Australia, is extremely bullish on the potential of the luxury apartment market in Sydney. With substantial government investment spurring rapid residential and commercial growth, Sydney is a solid investment choice for luxury apartments. “Real estate investment in Sydney will remain appealing through 2018, especially in the luxury apartment space,” said Crown Group Global Head of Sales & Marketing Julian Sedgwick. “High quality apartments in desirable locations are increasing in value at a steady rate, backed by strong investment in infrastructure throughout the city. It’s an ideal time to look at Sydney as an investment opportunity.” Sydney has experienced an immense boom in apartment building construction over the last few years. Much of this growth is due to the desire to create more housing opportunities, and as a result, many of the new apartment developments are tailored towards first home buyers. As the Sydney market expands, luxury apartments become even more unique, offering a combination of high-end design and amenities that stand head and shoulders above other developments. Moreover, luxury developments are typically located in Sydney’s most desirable and fastest-growing suburbs. As the city’s population continues to increase, and securing property in these areas becomes more difficult, owning an apartment in the new CBD or Waterloo will add value to the investment. Consider that, in 2010, an average unit in Waterloo sold for under $550,000, according to Today, that average value […]