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Dear users and members, E-Property is Australia’s real estate e-commerce bilingual platform, our platform has a user service platform and member service platform.


User Service Platform

Enter platform official website: www.epropertyaus.com, you have entered our user service platform.


We provide the following services in user service platform:
1. Learn about the offplan, offplan transfer, resale, leasing projects, and search the property, book OPEN service or contact our project manager to support you buy and rent.
2. Submit the property you want to sell online, including residential, land development projects, farm projects, business, etc. We will try our best to find prospective buyers for you.
3. Learn about the Backyard Smart Bungalow Project online, consider adding a Granny Flat to your backyard, and make an appointment for an onsite assessment.


Member Service Platform

Enter platform official website: www.epropertyaus.com and register as member free, after login you will enter the member service platform.




We provide the following services in Member Services Platform:
1. E-property is the online real estate bilingual service platform in Australia, there are three member levels for you to choose from: free membership, gold membership (annual fee $ 300), platinum members (annual fee $ 500). There are different commission bonus policy with different membership levels, detail you may refer to “Platform Introduction”.
2. If you are a premium member with a real estate certificate, you can sell property on the platform. The member centre is a service window for paying members. It is equivalent to the traditional intermediary company’s human resources department, finance department, sales department, marketing department, you can manage your network members through the “view team” of the “member centre” and withdrawal your commissions and bonuses through “personal account” .
3. E-property provides members with a variety of ways to make fortune, including listing residential, land development projects, farm projects, business projects to get Listing Fee; You can sell the platform used by the property to get commissions; You can build your own sales team to get two third-level bonuses; you can set up your own direct 20-person sales team, and promote sales manager position to get sales manager allowance and so on.
4. Resale service module, to benefit user, we reduce the resale costs straight down to $ 5000 to $ 6000. We set up the OPEN AGENT team to serve our users.

We also provide more services for users and members, such as free property assessment for your property, especially for our members to provide weekday training and project inspection to support our members.

E-property is a good supporter for real estate agents in Australia, we support the online office with commission settlement and project information sharing to customers; You can stay at home and list your property to us, we will provide you with professional services



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