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    Welcome to the VIP membership of the e-property Platform. Your participation is our great support. E-property platform creates a unique real estate e-commerce website for each member in Australia, which helps people who has a real estate license manage their own business online.

    Free Member registration

    1. Clicking the personal link or scanning QR code, log in to our e-property platform website while getting your valid driver licence, real name, email and mobile number ready, log on e-Property website to register your membership.

    2. Registration is free of charge; Your member ID, 6 digital number would be automatically produced when you fill in the required information on the website. Each individual only allows to register one account;

    3. You would receive your member ID, password and member manual in your email when you completed your registration.

    Rights for Free Membership

    1. You can register as our free member according to the link or QR code. Personal details must be correct;

    2. Free members can purchase through e-property platform referral by your superior members who has a real estate licence and were entitled to receive a gift package.

    Upgrade of Free Membership

    1. Free membership has opportunity to upgrade to be a platinum or gold member. Platinum membership is $550 annually (include 10% GST). During promotional period, the joining fee is $440 a year (include 10% GST). Gold member is $330 a year (include 10% GST).

    2. During promotional period, the price is $220 a year (include 10% GST);Additional documents are required when the member upgrade your membership. The documents include: personal photo ID, real estate sales certificate, company name and pay the upgrading fee.

    3. When you log on website, apply the email or your ID number and member password to log in.

    Rights of Premium and Gold Member

    1. With a real estate license, you could log on to “Project window” to book property and make purchase. Fill in and upload your order;

    2. Enjoy “The Three Layers’ Bonus”. Refer to “The recruiting Membership Guideline”;

    3. Enjoy sales bonus when your team complete sales. Refer to “Property Sales Bonus Guideline”;

    4. With a real estate license, you are entitled to Enjoy “The Sales Commission” when you made the sales via “project window”;

    5. Our platform will charge 1% our members’ commission used as a management fee.

    Obligations of the Members

    1. Platinum and gold members are obliged to pay the membership fee on time, and renew the membership before it expires. The system would send reminder 3 times for renewing the membership. If the members failed to pay the membership fee, it would be automatically downgraded to be the free membership.

    2. Once you become to be free membership, you are no longer enjoy any bonus as described in rights of platinum and gold members. However, you are entitled to pay your membership at any time as you wish, then you would resume your bonus opportunities.

    3. Premium and Gold Member should agree to pay for the membership fee as a result of using E-property platform.

    Personal Centre

    1. Each member could edit personal information, passwords and check up your membership expiry date, also view your up-line member, your team and your order.

    2. Each member could check own account and the bonus in the account. You can choose to either leave the amount in your account or to withdraw it.

    3. Transfer the bonus into your personal bank account, each transaction cost $1.50; if it is overseas account, additional cost would apply by your correspondent bank.

    4. Each member could share personal QR code and personal link on the social media, such as facebook,etc. When other people click on your link or scan your personal QR code, this person would be automatically registered as your down-line.

    5. Each member could overview own down-line (up to three levels) members’ names, email addresses and mobile numbers. Each member could also check their upline via personal centre.

    Terms of service

    1. All members must comply with these terms of service, as amended by E-Property platform from time to time;

    2.E-property platform has the rights to terminate or cancel any terms and service;

    3.E-Property platform Pty Ltd will provide to its members a number of services including the use of its sales platform and access to its potential buyer member;

    4.By using any Service, each member warrants that it complies with all laws;

    5.When a sell member books the property through the E-property platform, he / she must hold a valid estate license before going ahead;

    6.all sales information, data and market information provided by a Selling Member are not provided, warranted or verified by E-Property platform;

    7.E-Property platform does not warrant the performance of the Buying Member and makes no warranties that a Buying Member will be able to complete a purchase;

    8.Listing agent releases on E-Property platform from all liability, claims, costs, loss, damages and expenses in respect of any transaction arising from the use of the Platform and the Services. Listing agent should take all the responsibilities;

    9.E-Property may change its fees to members from time to time, but will give reasonable notice to all members;

    10.No partnership or contract of employment arises between E-Property platform and each Member out of the use of the Platform and the Services;

    11. Any disputes between members may be determined by E-Property and any decision by E-Property will be final and binding on the parties;

    12. With a real estate license or if you are overseas, you could share our QR code to promote;

    13. When a Member lists a property:

    “By posting this property for sale on our platform, you warrant that:

    -you hold a licensed estate agents licence and are permitted to list the property for sale,

    -you are responsible for all of the information provided in your listing, and

    -E-Property is in no way responsible for any liability, claims, costs, loss and damages arising from the listing of the property for sale.

    Clickwrap agreements

    1. E-property platform will not involve in any transaction activities. E-property provides service to its members only; for any purchase, the sales person who has a real estate licence should sign a conjunction agreement with listing agent (please refer to listing agent content);

    2. When a free Member buys a property:

    “By agreeing to buy this property, you warrant that:

    -you are agreeing to purchase the property at your own risk and must make your own enquiries as to the nature, profitability and suitability of the property, and

    -any information in the listing is not provided by E-Property and E-Property is in no way responsible for any liablity, claims, costs, loss and damages arising from your purchaser of the property, and

    -must buy it through your upper member who hold a real estate sales license , both parties need to sign the purchase contract

    3. When a paid member (without a real estate license) introduces a buyer to his/ her upper member or listing agent company, both parties need to sign a referral contract.

    Important note: no conjunction agreement to buy and sell this property exists until formal contracts have been entered into.”

    The principle of confidentiality

    1. The system would protect unauthorised access to all personal information. All data sent to the system would be kept only within the Company; it would not be released to any other services.

    2. All members’ information would be kept as confidential information in the system by professional data storage service not connected to the real estate industry in order to avoid unfair business competition.

    Customer Service

    1. Online customer service, Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00; Registration will not be processed until weekday.

    2. Customer service telephone number: + 61 2 8863 2810

    3. Email:

    Member Manual proprietary rights

    1. The rights of member manual belong to E-property Group Pty Ltd.